The Faculty of Life Sciences (FLS) seeks to realize the university’s mission by assuring their availability, excellence in teaching, research and outreach, high quality education and training for our students so that they could prepare themselves to function as scientists in the regional and global arena.

FLS aims to provide a range of advanced courses to its students in the disciplines it embraces with a good general education, to provide coherent and rigorous programs of study. FLS covers a wide spectrum of biological subjects in both teaching and research and spans its expertise in the field of Biotechnology, Biochemistry, and Microbiology.

We also have a substantial research portfolio and strive to achieve research excellence across the range and our research strategy is to harness the strengths and breadth of our research to meet the changing needs of society, industry and healthcare and to address the global challenges of climate change, energy, global health and security.

FLS has initiated Biotechnology, Microbiology and Biochemistry with 100% experienced PhD faculty through a vision to be recognized as an academic faculty of international reputation and to offer cutting edge, interdisciplinary courses in above mentioned subjects.

FLS aims to start research in molecular and cellular processes involved in health and disease with an emphasis on discovery of interventional molecules and identification of targets with respect to bacterial and viral infections, cancer and neuro degenerative diseases. Bacterial Genomics, Cellular Biology, Microbial Biology, Protein Structure Function Studies, Industrial Biotechnology and Microbiology, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology constitute major skill domains of our research groups.