DICE Virtual Innovation Competition 2019

DICE (Distinguished Innovation, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship) is a core base for sustainable progress in the business. DICE foundation is an umbrella, providing a platform to young and talented entrepreneurs not just to innovate but design their visionary ideas.

It presents its 1st Virtual Innovation Competition VIC, at University of Central Punjab, organized by Takhleeq Business Incubator and The Entrepreneurship Society in collaboration with ACM, IEEE and NISA society of University of Central Punjab. The competition consists of three categories;

  1. Idea stage: (Have a business idea? – Pitch it) Participants with market understanding and have prolific business ideas. They will be judged on the quality of the ideation process: problem identification, customer understanding, market identification and innovativeness of solution.

  2. Prototype stage: (Made a prototype? – Present it) Participants with their ingenious ideas disposed on their prototype, who haven’t gone to the market. They will be judged on the prototype: problem identification, innovativeness of the solution and the quality of their prototype.

  3. Revenue stage: (Already running a business? – Grow it) Startups or participants with already running business. Participants will be judged on the strength of the business, financials, execution and planning.

The diversity of categories will help the students not just to float their ideas but also to learn from others and execute in their business. The competition will have three rounds.

Round 1- Pre-screening: the participants will be screened out on the basis of their submitted proposal.

Round 2- Qualifiers: the selected teams will set up their booth and will be scored by the judges.

Round 3- Finals: 15 teams will qualify and they will present their business ideas on the stage in front of the industry experts.

A cash prize up to Rs. 100,000 will be awarded to the winners by the judges. So what are you waiting for, get a runway to your strategic proposal. Register yourself for DICE VIC. The last date for application submission is 11th June’ 2019.

Registration opens today. Don’t miss out the chance to create your ideation.